I want to be able to touch people all over the world! I want you to show me how AMAZING you are... show me YOU!

Kc. Valentine, Owner/Creator

Why "Be You"

Kennesha "KC" Valentine loves flaunting her beauty. She created this handmade cosmetic line so that you can too! The love for beauty and fashion brought her here ! The love for oneself also helped her with creating this line. Being Yourself is the most important thing that one can do. Allowing someone to shame you for the choices you make are no longer accepted ! Be YOU and Be YOU, proudly. 


Whomever you are, NEVER allow a person to tell you that you need to CHANGE. You are YOU for a reason.
If you want to be NATURAL or if you want to be BOLD. DO IT ! You are YOU for a reason.
What are you afraid of? Only you can be the BEST YOU !
Be You
Even if you are still searching for that person ! You are YOU and no one can change that.
Be YOU and be PROUD of being you !
Because you are BE.YOU-tiful
If you've ever struggled with being yourself, my line is for YOU ! When you wear The KayCee V Collection, there is no FEAR and no DOUBT ! Let your inner you SHINE !


Embrace Your BEAUTY


Be YOU, Unapologetically